A leopard cannot change its spots 英文諺語

A leopard cannot change its spots 江山易改,本性難移




It means a person’s character, especially if it is bad, will not change, even if they pretend that it will.


“I don’t think Edwards will ever order pasta instead of a pizza. A leopard can’t change its spots you know.”

Let us take some examples to understand better. You know that your spouse is fond of coffee and never likes tea. So you know that wherever you go , he/she will seek coffee instead of tea and never have tea in any case. The idiom holds true in this case.

This is not true for specific people but also holds good for political parties in the present day scenario who have got so indulged and accustomed to corruption and are not willing to give up their instincts of befooling people in the name of welfare.

Politicians are always in the hoard of getting the most out for themselves in any situation. They never bother actually about how it impacts the people whom they promise to give better lives and the country which they swear to serve without any discrimination and without keeping any personal motives. Their true nature is to make false promises and then stay detached to the problems and the adversities affecting people and the nation, sitting comfortably in their luxury homes or villas. They leave no opportunity in accumulating illegal wealth, growing massive businesses, profiteering, taking bribes for benefiting certain high class people and buying big properties and depositing incalculable wealth in Swiss banks. It is almost impossible to change their patterns and their mental attitude which remain unaltered just like a Leopard who never changes its spots.



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A leopard cannot change its spots 江山易改,本性難移



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