Virtue is its own reward 英文諺語

Virtue is its own reward 為善自得其樂



You should not be virtuous in hopes of getting a reward, but because it makes you feel good to be virtuous.

The essential quality of a virtuous person is that he does not expect any reward for his good deeds. The reward that he gets is the satisfaction of having done a good thing. Anyone who expects a reward for his virtuous deed is not essentially virtuous. A person who resorts to foul methods to attain something may not succeed. But a virtuous person’s good deeds will lead him to success.

Life is a mixture of good and evil. Virtue means goodness. A virtuous person is essentially good. His mind is free from selfishness and he does not harm others. Instead, he helps people through his good words and deeds. He is a man of principles.


Paul: “If I help you, will you pay me?”

Harry: “Virtue is its own reward.”




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Virtue is its own reward 為善自得其樂



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