How to Write an English Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter 如何寫應徵函



A. Autobiography VS. Covering Letter 自傳 vs.應徵函
Unlike the Chinese culture, western people do not write an autobiography when they try to apply for a job. A covering letter is good enough to show the company some of the basic personal information that it wants to know. So a covering letter in a sense is likean autobiography, but is more simplified. 一般而言﹐華人在應徵工作時除了撰寫履歷表外,大都會附加一份自傳。但根據歐美的文化,大家在應徵時只會附加一份應徵涵。如同自傳一樣,應徵涵內也包括一些個人基本資料,但以非常簡單及清楚的方式表達


B.Choosing the Formal English Writing Form 選擇正式英文寫作方式
It is now not like a resume, formal English sentence structures and grammar must be considered as you are writing a covering letter. 與用斷句方式填寫的履歷表相比較,寫應徵涵時,正式的英文構句及文法都需包含再內,如同一篇正式的文章


C. Categories and Order 項目及排列
A formal covering letter must at least include the following four categories – the purpose of writing the covering letter, personal information, references and conclusion.(


1. The purpose of writing the covering letter 寫信的目地或動機

including the job position you are looking for, and how you find out this opportunity. 包括職位的名稱、如何發現該工作機會

2. Personal Information 各人資料

it may include your age, date of birth,education background, working experiences, training experiences and special abilities. 可以包括年齡、出生年月日、教育背景、工作經驗、在職訓練或特殊技能

3. References 備詢或推薦人員

including the name and the contact number of the person (or persons) who recommends and affirms your working effort. 備詢人員姓名及聯絡電話號碼

4. Conclusion 結尾
it is the end of the letter, and you should express your wish for an interview opportunity with the company. 在結尾希望並請求未來的顧主允以面談的機會



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Write an English Cover Letter