The best defense is a good offence 英文諺語

The best defense is a good offence 先下手為強



If you attack your opponents, they will be so busy fighting off your attack that they will not be able to attack you (Often associated with sports).

Playing pure defense allows your opposition to control the situation – going on the offense forces them to react to you which means you are more in control of the situation.
Plus defense alone cannot win.

“A defense can’t conquer territory or destroy targets in the adversary’s territory. The proposition that the best defense is a good offense is plausible, since one might possibly prevent an enemy from striking by striking first.” Richard K Betts War and Peace Studies professor, International Security Policy Program dir. at Columbia University.

“A strong defense in competitive gaming can be a powerful offense, but only when used to secure an advantage of some other sort. Defense without a larger goal just delays an inevitable defeat.

Effective defensive play is all about trading off short-term aggression for long-term gains. In Starcraft, a player may neglect aggressive play and focus on gaining control over as much of the map as possible. Over time, this map control will result in them being able to harvest many more resources than their opponent, letting them pay for a much more expensive (and therefore powerful) army. Only when their strength outweighs that of their opponent will they attack.

A strong defense may also be used by a player who is already in an advantageous situation to force the opponent to take risky and punishable actions in an attempt to take back the lead. If a certain amount of time passes in a match of Street Fighter, the player with the most health remaining will win. This means that the player with the most health can choose to only engage their opponent in situations in which they know they have the advantage, while their opponent must force conflicts in any situation they are presented with.” Misha Favorov Game Design Consultant, MFA in Game Design at the NYU Game Center.



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The best defense is a good offence 先下手為強


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