How to Write an English Resume

How to Write an English Resume 如何撰寫英文履歷表


A.Choosing the Proper Form 選擇正確的格式
Writing an English resume is totally different than writing an English essay. Sentence structures and grammar are not really considered in writing a resume, and all the sentences are short and must be in POINT FORM. 撰寫依英文履歷表跟一般作文形式完全不一樣。履歷表中的句子全都需用簡短的斷句方式,而不需要一般的英文句型及文法


Certainty, and Simplicity 清晰,正確、簡單
The key point to write a resume is to transmit certain pieces of personal information to the company in which you wish to apply. So, try to make your resume simple and clear. 撰寫英文履歷表的目的只是為了向公司傳達本身的資料,因此簡單、清晰、正確的斷句就可清楚的表達


C.Categories and Order 項目及排列

A formal English resume must at least include the following nine categories – personal information, objective, education, working experiences, workshop, computer skills, languages, interests and references.一份正式的英文履歷表最少要有下列九種項目

1.Personal Information 個人基本資料

– including your name, home address, phone number, cell phone number, and e-mail address.包括姓名、住址、電話及手機號碼、電子郵件信箱號碼

2.Objective 申請的職位

– the job position you are looking for in the company. 你所需要應徵的職位

3.Education 教育背景

– including your degree, major, the name, the place and the time of the school you graduated. 包括學歷、主修科目、學校名稱及地點、在學年限

4.Working Experiences 工作經驗

– including the name and the place of the company, your position in the company, the period of time you spend in the company, and to summarize the responsibilities you have taken in the company. 包括公司名稱、在職職位、在職年限、工作類別及性質

5.Workshop 在職訓練或講習班

– including all the training schools (name, place, and time) you have attended. 包括講習班名稱、地點及在學年限

6.Computer Skills 電腦技巧
– including all the computer software and hardware.


7.Languages 語言

– including all the languages you know how to speak.

8.Interests 興趣

9.References 查詢或推薦
– always write the same thing “references upon request”.



D.Cultural Differences 文化差異

If you are applying for a foreign company,you do not need to mention your age, sex and marital status in your English resume. However, if you are applying a Taiwanese company, you may need to write them as they are requested by the company. 如果你應徵的是外商公司,通常不會要求你填寫你的年紀、性別及婚姻狀況等問題。但是一般台商公司可能會要求這些資料。如有要求則需填寫




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