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Laurence 羅倫斯


The finest English communication 

  • 避免被多收。坊間有許多編修公司的價格用英文字數量來算修改英文,不管你英文文章寫作的能力,價格是一樣的。 Avoid being overcharged. Most editing prices are calculated by word quantity, and the price is the same no matter the quality of your English writing.
  • 聘請該領域的英籍專家在規定天數內完成編修。 A native English speaking editor helps you achieve your academic excellence.
  • 一個英國出生的翻譯師直接中翻英,而不是兩個人,以避免溝通錯誤。專業學術期刊論文翻譯及自傳中翻英翻譯服務。 Direct Chinese to English translation by one native English speaker, not two separate people, to avoid communication errors. Professional thesis and personal statement translation service.
  • 英國出生的翻譯師有英國和台灣的大學教育 (用國語學 MBA)。 British translator has University level education in England and Taiwan (MBA taken in Chinese).